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Why is shopping Cart Abandonment bad: Businesses Are Losing 69% of Sales—are you one of them?

You’re losing money. We haven’t even met, yet I know this because the data supports it; the metrics in regards to online shopping cart abandonment proves each and every day you sell online you’re losing potential orders on your website. Cart abandonment causes...

Creative Ways to Improve Ecommerce Customer Satisfaction (Also Boost Loyalty And Sales)

  In the perpetual struggle of battling the bear that is, small online shops find success with a) a unique product, and b) high ecommerce customer satisfaction. If you've already set up your online store, you've likely checked off #1. Now, how do you...

Holiday Season Ecommerce: 4 Critical Errors To Avoid When Accepting Payments in 2020

  When holiday season ecommerce first etched its way into the limelight of being the most profitable time of year for commerce based businesses there was a common belief that creating an online store that accepted digital payments was expensive and difficult to...

Prepare Your Store For Epic Holiday Shopping Online (2020 Guide)

  The season for holiday shopping online is usually the most profitable time of year for online businesses. Not only does the last quarter of the year see increases to the number of orders but the average order sizes also tend to be much bigger as well. In fact,...

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